Happy 80th Birthday, Laverna

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This past weekend, we celebrated the 80th birthday of my Aunt Laverna. Her three younger sisters organized a special 80th birthday reception for her at the Sandhills Convention Center in North Platte, NE. There must have been 200 people that came to wish her well and share in the celebration with us.

It was also a mini-family reunion for us. All four sisters were there (Laverna, Vonnie, Phyllis and Mary Ellen), as well as cousins Lori (from Manitoba, Canada), Jon, his wife Reba and his two daughters (from Kansas City, KS), Tim (near Mead, NE), and, of course, my family.

Here Jeanette Andrews (my very own first baby sitter) and Aunt Vonnie (Laverna’s sister) finish preparations for the party.

Finishing preparations

Aunt Laverna (the birthday girl) shows the cookies her sister Vonnie made for her.

Laverna shows the birthday cookies

Mmmmm … Cake!

Mmmm … Cake!

Someone was thinking ahead and brought Laverna a brand new walker. Of course, she quickly pointed out that she wouldn’t need it until Tuesday (when she officially turns 80)!


John and Reba’s daughters making sure everyone signs the guest book.


Laverna’s 93 year old uncle Frank made the trip from Western Nebraska.


This is Pat and Diane Lee, Laverna’s neighbors.


Laverna’s husband, Howard, made Heaven his home two years ago. These are his daughters and some young ladies they care for.


Of course the sisters had to reminisce a little.


Laverna’s best friend Pam, now from Texas, flew up, while her husband, D.W., brought his motorcycle.



Howard’s sister Violet had collected several items for this event.


Each couple of years, Laverna and her sisters all take a vacation together. Here they demonstrate some of the costumes they used to meet each other at the airport during the last 10 years.




My own son, Shaun, noticed that no one had sung Happy Birthday, so during open mic. time, he made his way to the front without missing a beat, told a couple of jokes and then led the room with his best singing voice.





Of course, D.W. had to bring his bike so he could take Laverna for a quick spin.




Thankfully it was quick and they made it back safely.


Happy Birthday Aunt Laverna … I hope you had the best birthday ever.

— Mitch

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