DWFC 2008 – Here I Come, Someday …

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Well, it’s early enough in the day that I’m certain I’ll get there today, but it’s been a little crazy already.

It started last night with the (typical) last minute packing. The plan was to be in bed by 9:00 in order to make the early 4:15 departure from our house. Finally finished packing at 10:10; just an hour late. That doesn’t seem too bad. And it wouldn’t have been, had we fallen right to sleep. At midnight, I picked up my phone to check the time — 12:15. Ugh. I still hadn’t slept.

Since I wasn’t sleeping anyway, I quietly played a couple of games of Solitaire, hoping to be still enough to not wake my wife. Well, I was still enough, but she hadn’t been sleeping either.

This will be my first time to the DWF Convention. Everyone says to “stock up” on your sleep before getting there. And here I am, now with less than four hours of sleep opportunity remaining, and it’s not looking promising. So what are you to do? If you’re us, you get up and share a banana, flip through the TV channels for a few minutes, check your email, make sure the garage door actually got shut before going to bed the first time, and then head back for another attempt at sleep.

I’m not sure about Angie, but I laid there for at least another hour before finally dozing off into a fantastic deep sleep … that lasted for all of two hours.

At 4:00, I woke with a start wondering why my phone had not woke me up 15 minutes earlier. Well, maybe it had. Maybe it just took that long to bring me to consciousness. Didn’t really matter. I was now 15 minutes late. A quick shower and last minute packing and we’re out the door, but still 15 minutes late.

There’s not a lot of action in Omaha at 4:30 a.m.


It’s about a 30 minute drive to the airport for us. But when you’re running behind, that 30 minutes seems like at least 35! Other than being 15 minutes late, things seem to be moving smoothly. Good thing when you plan your schedule the way I do.


One thing nice about flights this early is the short lines. Bag checkin took me all of 5 minutes, and even security was only about a 10 minute wait. Which means I made it to the gate just in time to change my seat assignment (I really really really like an aisle seat) and board.


Just an hour to Chicago from Omaha, so I didn’t even get a nap in, but all is looking good for getting to Tampa real soon.

Until we got to Chicago.


Ah man. A “bonus” hour at O’Hare. I already had a two hour layover, and it’s just been extended to three. Well, at least I have time for a nice relaxing breakfast … and maybe a blog entry.

Not just for sure what this is, but is said “Mediterranean” and “breakfast” and it’s from an airport restaurant so it’s gotta be good, right? Well, it wan’t *too* bad, but not *too* good, either. Hey, good enough to get me to Tampa, anyway.

So, it’s only 8:45 and I’ve been running late for four hours already. United Airlines is going to add another hour to that, but hey, it’s still early. Surely there’s time to still get there today.


Well … maybe. Looks like United is having a bad day too (it also looks like they are running Windows XP).  Funny thing is, their flight information still comes up behind this error message (about 45 minutes after I took this picture) and if you read around the error message (shown), it looks like we’re now scheduled for a 10:20 departure.

So, looks like I have another hour before we begin boarding. Hopefully my next entry will be after finally making it to Tampa!

— Mitch

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