Celebrating with Family

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This year my family and I spent Thanksgiving day (and the days surrounding) with some extended family. My cousin, Tim, lives just outside of the metro area with lots of room for the kids to run and adults to hang out and catch up on life.

Cousin Tim raises Fainting Goats. These goats have a genetic defect that causes their legs to immediately stiffen when they are scared or otherwise startled. They’re the cutest little things.

Fainting Goat #1

Fainting Goat #2

Fainting Goat #3

Fainting Goat #4

My parents, both recently retired, were able to join us this year for the celebration. Dad was put in charge of fixing the veggies for lunch. Here he is doing one of the things he does best; working a grill.

Dad preparing vegetables on the grill

Carrots on the grill

Inside, the rest of the food was being prepared.

Thanksgiving plate

Thanksgiving dressing


Sliced turkey

Thanksgiving dinner

Aunt Laverna
Loren Miller

After lunch, it was time to visit and catch up with each other.


Second cousins getting acquainted.

Playing frisbee with cousins

Once in a while, one of the goats finds a “leak” in the fence. Tim just scoops them up and puts them back in.

Tim with goat

This is Tim’s dog Laredo.

Laredo the dog

Reviewing operations

Laredo Resting

Thanks Tim, for putting up with all of us this year. Time is always great when you can spend it with family.

Cousin Tim Silhouette

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