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Last year, I had a wedding photography inquiry from a bride who’s primary concern was that I’d be there. She went on to explain that a friend of hers had recently gotten married, and the wedding photographer didn’t show up.

This last weekend, the wedding I was shooting was a four hour drive away from Omaha. The area we were headed to has had over 10″ of rain in the last two weeks; it’s completely saturated and the Elkhorn river is overflowing it banks. We saw lots of flood damage and were detoured once on the way up.

It wasn’t until we got nearly there, that we were presented with our biggest challenge: nearly four inches of water running over the road we were on.

Fortunately, Nebraska Department of Roads had workers on site verifying that it was still safe for us to cross. Flagmen limited the traffic to one lane, and one direction at a time. After a few minutes wait, it was our turn, along with the twenty, or so, vehicles that had stacked up.

Here we are pushing on through. After all, there’s a wedding to get to!


As it turns out, Nebraska Department of Roads closed this passage about 30 minutes after we crossed, as the road began washing away and we had to detour for the trip home.



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