Finding your faves

Now that you’ve had a chance to browse through the galleries a time or two, here are a couple helpful hints on how you can roll through them to find your favorites.

When you first access each of the areas inside the gallery (ex: ceremony, reception, etc.), there are little symbols under each thumbnail.

If you place the mouse over the little magnifying glass, a larger version of the image will automatically pop-up for you to review.

Clicking the little flag icon will “remember” this picture for you to compare against others later. Clicking the flag under subsequent images will give you the opportunity to compare large versions on the images side by side.

Clicking the little heart icon will tag this image as one of your favorites. Later on you can see a list of all of your favorites by clicking “My Favorites” at the top (near the center) of the page.

The little shopping cart icon does the same as if you click on the thumbnail itself — you get to view a larger version of the image, along with ordering options.

The same functions are available when you’re looking at the preview image (by clicking one of the image thumbnails). Right above the image, are the flag and the heart icons (the other two don’t apply here).

Using these little tools will help you find your way around the shopping cart and narrow down your favorites.

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