Using the M. D. Miller Photography online store

Hi. Welcome to our online store. Since this is your first time here, I’ll try to explain a few things about how our store works, so you can get right to looking at pictures.

If you’ve already “been there, done that,” you can skip ahead, right to the pictures by proceeding to our main gallery page. In fact, if it were me, I’d just bookmark the main gallery and go directly there each time.


Start by registering. Registering allows the gallery software to remember which galleries you have access to so you don’t need to enter the access code each time. Also, once you are registered (and logged in), a number of additional features are activated, such as remembering which pictures are your favorite.

It’s quick and easy, and you only need to register once. If you haven’t registered before, start registration now (click the words “start registration” to actually begin — it’s underlined, which means you can click it).


If you just completed the registration, you are probably already logged in. You can tell by the “logout” option in the top right-hand corner of the shopping cart.

If the top right-hand corner contains a user id and password option (see below), you need to login. Use the information you just registered with and login. I think it’s easiest if you leave the “Remember me” option checked (that way next time you visit, you will already be logged in).


Once you have registered and logged in, you are ready to begin looking through pictures.

You probably have a card with an access code on it. Click the Access Gallery link at the top of the screen and type in your access code.

That’s it … you’re in!

Next time

The next time you come to our website, after logging in, you won’t need the access code. Your galleries will be right on the main page after you login.



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